The Official Website of Marsha Massino

Welcome to the website of Marsha Massino, an experienced and highly intuitive astrologer whose Soul Map readings can to help you discover your true purpose in life. Using her wisdom, combined with her intuitive gifts, Marsha allows the energy of knowledge to flow from you, through her, and back to you in a never-ending stream of love and light.  She also uses her gifts to offer advice on particular issues in your life, yearly guidance, and healing.

The birth chart, reading, and report I received from Marsha, who is a certified Level 3 Sixth Sensory Practitioner under Sonia Choquette, Marsha provided a detailed report with personal insight. Her skills in astrology are masterful. She takes a personal route and uses intuitive skills to tap into areas that one doesn’t realize about themselves. Her wording is gentle, but pressing on matters that needed the push. For my birth chart, she was correct and in line with what was to occur. I ended up learning a few things.

– Rhonda

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